Although sofa choice is highly individual and will often come down to the personal tastes of the buyer, it is important to consider the growing trends in sofa colours. In 2018, the tastes of the past have evolved greatly and here you will get a selection of trending colours to consider for your home.

Warm Neutral Tones

Here we are referring to those warm caramels and tans that ooze with a cosy feel of comfort. The wonderful thing about choosing these colours is the freedom I allows you to add in accent colours in your cushions, lamps and rug election. These soft tones allow for strong accent colours which are far easier to update with the changing fashions and, of course, your tastes.

Dark Black

Black is trending as a popular choice, in both leather and fabrics. This colour choice makes a bold statement in any living space and generates sophistication and a style all of its own. To tone down the dark presence of the black sofa, mix with soft neutral tones to warm up the space through your cushion and rug selections.

Assortment of Browns

Browns have been popular for many years and it is a confident choice if you are wanting something that is unlikely to go out of style. Of course, brown leathers are the most loved of all the leathers and create a stern sophistication that is virtually unrivalled. When it comes to fabrics, both deep chocolates and soft lighter browns are a fine choice and will enhance any room.

Grey Tones

Greys are the epitome of modern sophistication. They create a designer elegance to any home. For fear of creating a somewhat dim space with the addition of grey tones, then they are easily paired with bright and vibrant accent colours to revitalise the space, without sacrificing that elegant air that the grey tones create.

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