By its very nature, the Living Room is the most lived in space in your home. It is where you relax, entertain and spend time with the ones you love. For that reason, it needs to be comfortable and cosy as well as completely functional.

The Perfect Sofa

The sofa is often the centre piece of the living space and it is also the most used item. Having purpose in mind is just as important as fabric colour and overall design. If you have a large family, kids or you entertain on many occasions, then a larger sofa with enough seating space is crucial. Once the practicalities are out of the way, then you can select the style to perfectly accent and enhance your living space.

Cosy Rugs

A living space with hardwood floors can give a sense of style and elegance, but it often lacks the cosy and comfort factor that is so important in the vital living room of your home. Rugs are a beautiful way to bring elegance into your home whilst creating that beautiful cosy feel that really brings the essence of the room to life.

Easy Entertaining

If you utilise the living space for entertaining, whether that be guests or just the family in the home, then you need to think about the essential entertaining features of your living space. Will you look for a TV cabinet or is it more elegant and practical to have the television mounted on the wall. In terms of sound system, many benefit from a surround sound speaker system to bring movies and music to life.

Practical Storage

Particularly in a family home, practical storage is an essential factor to consider when designing your living space. There are many clever ways to achieve this without sacrificing space and style. Sofas can come with hidden storage spaces, coffee tables with hidden storage spaces and ottomans that open to reveal private space for cushions or blankets to be kept hidden.

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