Modular lounge suites are a popular choice and now adorn the lounge rooms of many Australian homes. This widespread adoption of the modular is not just a result of the stylish designs available. What is the winning factor for so many buyers is the practicalities that come with this leisurely design.

Enhancing Style

The leading lounge suite and furniture brands have taken the modular sofa to stylish heights. Some designs can create defined lines and symmetrical spaces, whereas others create a soft and lush space. Whatever your tastes, and whatever look and feel you’re going for in your home, there is a modular sofa to fit any home décor.

Commanding the Room

Large rooms can often be difficult from a design point of view as you want to utilise the space without having too much going on or risking the space appearing sparse. The modular is the perfect accompaniment to a large space to command the room without engulfing the space. Size variations are available in most leading brands, so there is a modular to fit your large living space.

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Storage Solutions

Many modular come with hidden storage spaces. Whether you utilise this for keeping those extra blankets, pillows and cushions, or choose to cleverly disguise clutter, these areas can become a highly practical addition to your lounge room and your lifestyle.

Extra Sleeping Space

The modular sofa is known for the added seating areas, which is a bonus for any busy living space or just for added comfort. Yet the other fantastic benefit of this space is the ability to utilise the modular as an extra sleeping area for guests. Many modular come with a sofa bed installed, though virtually any design can be pieced together to create a comfortable space for guests.

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