Just like anything in our houses, sofas too need regular upkeep and maintenance to look their best. You should make it a point to use the right products and keep your sofas and other furniture looking great.

There are some tips to follow so your pieces look their optimum

  • Vacuum your sofas regularly with the special upholstery attachment. Dirt, dust and moisture from our bodies daily can take their toll on the fabric. This can cause discolouration and can even wear away the fabric.
  • Rotate the sofa cushions around on a regular basis so they wear out evenly.
  • The arms of the sofa are often the most used part so protect them from wearing out easily by using arm guards or caps.
  • No two sofas are made the same so be sure to follow the care instructions on the individual piece.
  • If you can, opt for a professional cleaning service as the professionals will use products that will lift and extend the life of your fabric sofa. If your sofas have removable covers, leave them on so it does not cause the fabric underneath to shrink.
  • Use a de-pilling machine to remove any pilling of the fabric. This is usually easily solved and make sure you avoid the temptation to pull the loose threads.

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